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2011 the New Audi A6 car pictures and details

Posted by asanka's new posts On 7:42 AM 0 comments
Audi A6 is a very famous car of Audi car family. this is the newest version of this car, Audi A6 2011 model. this new car has very sporty look than previous model. also still Audi hasn't announced this car officially. according to the resources, the performance of this car will be almost similar to the previous model. but it may have couple of new technical specifications.

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Stand Craft is a famous boat manufacturer. this is one of their famous Concept Superyacht which known as Strand Craft 122. the special thing is this Strand Craft 122 comes with a car. this boat is 30m long and has a built-in supercar garage to park this car.
still they haven't published the name of this supercar yet, but we know it's specifications. this car has a 880hp v12 engine and it has 345KM/h top speed.

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Toyota FT-86 2012 car pictures and details

Posted by asanka's new posts On 6:10 PM 0 comments
Toyota FT-86 is a one of the most waited car. previously it was a concept car and they planned to release this product in year 2010. but because of economical reasons, they announced the release date as 2012.
Toyota FT-86 is a high performance sports car which a 2.4 liter engine. Toyota also going to manufacture a hybrid version of Toyota FT-86. they unveiled this car in the Toyota motor show 2009.

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