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Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Car

Posted by asanka's new posts On 9:26 PM
Porsche Carrera GT is a famous car. Gemballa Mirage is a another version of it. both are carbon cars. Porsche cars are world famous for "air flow management". this Mirage GT comes with attractive front air intakes and rear spoiler has designed for control stability and balance of this car.
Gemballa Mirage GT has has 4.2 liters V10 engine. the engine power is 670hp and has 630Nm torque. Gemballa Mirage GT's top speed is 335km/h. it can fly 0-100km/h just within 3.7 seconds. also there is a bad news that is they only going to manufacture 5 cars. for 298,000 euros per each.

pictures click to enlarge

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